Climalcor is a Sevillian company specialized in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical installations, air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, renewable energies, telecommunications, security, and alarms. We are dedicated to the installation, maintenance, and restoration of air conditioning, heating, HVAC, and industrial cooling.

We operate from Mairena del Alcor, in the province of Seville, and we offer a comprehensive service that applies the latest technology. Our technicians undergo continuous training, always adapted to the latest innovations and market regulatory standards. We have all the necessary certifications. This translates into efficiency and effectiveness.


Technological innovation has reached all professional fields to achieve easier installation and handling for the client. At Climalcor, we have known how to take advantage of this vein, and today we are a consolidated company that offers you the latest in the market, what best suits your needs. Our experience and constant study make us well-versed in the sector, allowing us to guide the client through the process, advising them correctly so they can get what they are looking for according to their budget.


At Climalcor, we hold efficacy, safety, and profitability as our principles. We commit to conducting a thorough maintenance program that maximizes the benefits of an installation for as long as possible. This is our duty to those who have trusted us, but we are also guided by the principle of sustainability.


More and more people are placing their trust in Climalcor, which assures potential clients. Behind the brand is an entire team of professionals ensuring speed, effectiveness, and exquisite service. We are so committed to every job that clients know they’ll get the best the market has to offer, the best installation, and the best price with us. We know this because we aim to integrate individuals who align with the Climalcor philosophy into our team—people full of energy, eager to assist in whatever you may need. And always with honesty as our main card to play. Contact us without obligation and let the Climalcor team advise you.